"Repercussions"                      Lead                            Short Film/Chuck Marra

"Decisions"                                Lead                            Short Film/Chuck Marra

"Daddy's Favorite"                  Lead                            Short Film/Gillian Annis

"Faith"                                        Supporting                Short Film/Mrgendra Singh

"Love Me Madly"                     Supporting                Short Film/Ernesto Sandoval

"Advocates"                             Recurring                   Gayngst Productions/Lauren E. Neal

"Earthward"                              Lead                            Unmarked Van/Dan Glaser

"Family Ties"                            Lead                            Short Film/Kunlin Wang

“Lonely Rd.” (writer)               Lead                           JT Entertainment/Brandon Heitkamp

“Wingman, Inc.”                      Featured                   Vincenzo Productions/Choice Skinner

"Aglet" (motion capture)     Lead                            Short Film/Sarah Scialli

“ Forerunner”                           Supporting               To The End Picture/Christopher He

“The Scarf”                               Lead                            Short Film/Eric Rich

"Sweet Surrender"                 Featured                    Short Film/Eliza Agudelo

“Island”                                      Lead                            Short Film/Guan Xi

“Séance”                                    Supporting               Vincenzo Productions/Tallie Brinson III

“Process of Elimination”      Lead                            Short Film/Steven Caple Jr.

 “Selling It!”                              Featured                    Vincenzo Productions/Choice Skinner

 “Promises”                              Lead                             Short Film/Lincoln Castellanos

“The Holy Deal”                  Supporting/Choreo.    Short Film/John Berardo

The Amanda Show(x2)         Principal                     Nickelodeon

“Come On Get Happy”          Marcia Brady             ABC


Theater (selections)

Kiss Me Kate                             Lois/Bianca               Warner Grand Theater/Ray Buffer

Pazzazz!                                     Featured Dancer      Lobero Theater/Richard Sherman

Singin’ in the Rain            Ensemble/Dance Cpt   Norris Center/James Gruessing

42nd Street                               Lorraine                     Cabrillo Music Theater/Jon Engstrom

Born to Ride the Waves        Chrissy                        Huntington Beach Playhouse

Annie Warbucks                      Sheila Kelly                Front Row Center CLO/Dan Halkyard

Into the Woods                       Cinderella                   Irvine Theater

42nd Street                              Peggy Sawyer           Saddleback/Steve Mesaro

Once Upon a Mattress          Lady Larkin                Irvine Theater

Fools                                           Sophia                        Irvine Theater



List Available Upon Request


Training –

BA from UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television

            Theatrical:                                                              The Project with Chuck & Megan

                                                                                               Dennis La Valle

                                                                                               Howard Fine Acting Studio

                                                                                               Scott Conte

                                                                                               Joe Olivieri

                                                                                               Paul Wagar


            Improv:                                                                    Second City Hollywood

                                                                                               Comedy Sportz          


            Voice:     Belt/Mix to E                                        Jeremy Mann

                             Mezzo-Sop to A                                   Billy Purnell

                                                                                               Guy Babusek


            Dance:    Tap, jazz, hip hop                                Jimmy DeFore’s Studio

                                                                                               Millenium/Moro Landis

                                                                                               Dellos Dance Studio


Special Skills  Improv, Intermediate Conversational Spanish, Accents – Southern, British, Tap Dancing, Cheerleading (group stunts), Billiards, Tennis, Volleyball, Juggling (3 balls)

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